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Use your brand to grow your business

Seeing clearly how your brand performs will help you build your brand and grow your business. That’s an often overlooked but self-evident principle.

The biggest headache for any business is finding new users and new customers. Having a stronger and more powerful brand can help solve that problem. Growing your brand means growing your business. It’s your most effective sales and marketing asset.

Understanding the importance of branding, we built Brangento to help you take control. It lets you see your brand all in one place and connect and manage your social media channels.

Where does your brand rank in your country and your sector? Brangento gives you the insights you need. It ranks your brand and lets you see areas of strength and weakness. This feedback helps you make better marketing and sales decisions.

Brangento means everyone can build a great brand. It gives you the power you need to take control. Silicon Valley startups are already using Brangento to build their brand. Use it to build your brand and grow your business.

Brangento is free and you can sign up and find out more at


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