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Every great brand tells a great story. What’s your story?

It was Mad Men’s Don Draper who said that every great ad tells a great story. But who cares about advertising in the twenty-first century? And besides, you no longer need a national and international TV and print advertising budget to tell the story of your brand. You just need good design, a great website and social media channels and you can start telling your story as soon as you’re ready.

My philosophy is ‘every great brand tells a great story’ and if you’re a brand owner or a marketing professional with a little experience you’ll see this as a self-evident truth.

When Steve Jobs stood up to deliver one of his famous keynote presentations the relentless rehearsals and scripted reactions we designed to create an atmosphere and a special place where a new chapter of the Apple story with every new product launch.

Love or hate Apple products it’s hard not to admire the story of two Californian drop-outs who set up a workshop in a garage, which later became one of the most profitable and creative brands on earth. That’s one insanely great story that everyone can connect with.

Telling you own, unique story makes your brand unique, and adds meaning and value to your brand and your business.

Enzo Ferrari took his prancing horse logo from an image of a red horse painted on the fuselage of Count Francesco Baracca, an ace pilot in the Italian air force in World War 1.  Enzo added the yellow background, as it’s the colour of his birthplace Modena and created the logo as a good luck symbol. You don’t need to be a petrolhead to engage with the story and admire how the Ferrari brand has become a symbol of brand and engineering excellence for so many years.

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Koenigsegg, another supercar brand, took over the hangar that once belonged to the Swedish Air Force’s Fighter Jet Squadron No. 1 as their company headquarters, and now engineer the squadron’s insignia, a flying ghost, on all their engines as a way of continuing and enriching their own brand story as a twenty-first century superbrand.

But you don’t have to own a technology company or a supercar brand to have a great brand story to tell. As a designer I meet entrepreneurs and business owners almost every day who have great stories to tell about their brand and their business. My job is to help them tell their story and find a unique way to tell it and help them make their story even more compelling.

These are people who understand how to grow their business because they have learned from failure, or have great skills and a vision to build and create something new, or invent something that hasn’t yet been invented. Every business has a great story to tell and that includes you.

Telling you own, unique story makes your brand unique, and adds meaning and value to your brand and your business. It helps you begin the conversation that will help make your business a social brand, so you start with an advantage in social media engagement. You probably have an original story to tell and all you have to do is to start telling it.

Eugene Burns

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