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Every brand has a story. Here’s how I tell the Brangento story

If you’re a brand owner or marketing professional who wants to grow your brand and grow your business, you’ll understand the value of telling the story of your brand. To help you think about your own brand, here’s how I tell people the Brangento story. Then I give you examples of how I bring the story to life, using video, words and images that make the brand more compelling and engaging for my target audiences. Judge for yourself how well you think it works.

The Brangento Story

“I had a dream that if I gave people the tools they would see for themselves that investing in their brand is one of the best and easiest ways to grow their business. So I created Brandlogik a design agency that ranks number one on Google in Ireland.

But with Brandlogik I could only do so much, so I created Brangento an application that means that everyone can build a great brand.It took a lot of experience to create Brangento but only 20 days to write the code. I designed every pixel of the interface myself, because Brangento is designed from the outset to be used by everyone who has a business in almost any sector.

Brangento is responsive, which means you can put your brand in your pocket and stay in control no matter where you go. Every great brand tells a great story, so Brangento gives everyone the tools and insights to tell the unique story of their own brand.

Brangento helps you grow your brand and grow your business. Because your business needs to keep growing all the time. Standing still is not an option. That’s the challenge every business feels.”

Eugene Burns

The brand story is further dramatised in our three-minute video.

Then I bring each part of the brand to life in words and images to create a unique brand tone-of-voice, a total brand experience.

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If you’d like to know more, or get a little help telling your brand’s story, email me at eugene@brangento.com

Eugene Burns

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