Every brand has a story. Here’s how I tell the Brangento story

If you’re a brand owner or marketing professional who wants to grow your brand and grow your business, you’ll understand the value of telling the story of your brand. To help you think about your own brand, here’s how I tell people the Brangento story. Then I give you examples of how I bring the story to life, using video, words and images that make the brand more compelling and engaging for my target audiences. Judge for yourself how well you think it works.

The Brangento Story

“I had a dream that if I gave people the tools they would see for themselves that investing in their brand is one of the best and easiest ways to grow their business. So I created Brandlogik a design agency that ranks number one on Google in Ireland.

But with Brandlogik I could only do so much, so I created Brangento an application that means that everyone can build a great brand.It took a lot of experience to create Brangento but only 20 days to write the code. I designed every pixel of the interface myself, because Brangento is designed from the outset to be used by everyone who has a business in almost any sector.

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Every great brand tells a great story. What’s your story?

It was Mad Men’s Don Draper who said that every great ad tells a great story. But who cares about advertising in the twenty-first century? And besides, you no longer need a national and international TV and print advertising budget to tell the story of your brand. You just need good design, a great website and social media channels and you can start telling your story as soon as you’re ready.

My philosophy is ‘every great brand tells a great story’ and if you’re a brand owner or a marketing professional with a little experience you’ll see this as a self-evident truth.

When Steve Jobs stood up to deliver one of his famous keynote presentations the relentless rehearsals and scripted reactions we designed to create an atmosphere and a special place where a new chapter of the Apple story with every new product launch.

Love or hate Apple products it’s hard not to admire the story of two Californian drop-outs who set up a workshop in a garage, which later became one of the most profitable and creative brands on earth. That’s one insanely great story that everyone can connect with. Read more

Copywriting and branding lessons from seven seasons of Mad Men

One of the interesting things about the recently ended Mad Men series was how it so often pitched its way out of the confines of the TV soap opera and into the real world of a creative advertising agency.

As a Creative Director who escaped the clutches of McCann-Erickson myself, there are lessons from the series for not just about every type of creative and marketing professional, but for every business owner too.

Copyhackers has produced the useful infographic below outlining the copywriting lessons from the show from the practical, ‘If you don’t like what they’re saying about you, change the conversation,’ to the philosophical, ‘We’re gonna sit at our desks typing while the walls fall down around us. Because we’re the least important most important thing there is.’

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Total brand experience means everyone can build a great brand

Everything you say. Every tweet you post or link you share. Everything you do is part of your total brand experience.

That’s why everything that surrounds your business is important, and it’s why we’ve built Brangento to help you manage the process.

Your latest tweet isn’t just a part of your social media, just another extension of your branding. In very real and measurable ways your latest tweet is your brand and your product itself, no matter what you sell, or what service sector you work in.

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Apple Watch – the new brand frontier

The Apple Watch makes wearable technology mainstream. It really doesn’t matter whether you personally like the idea of the watch on not. You may not get in line to buy one, but others will and some of those people could very well be your customers. It’s happening and everyone on the planet who runs a business and manages a brand needs to sit up and take notice.

The Apple Watch ‘blurs the boundaries between physical object and software.’

This is what Apple claim in their guidance notes for developers, and even if the Apple Watch turns out a commercial failure, by launching their new wearable category they’ve started a process that will almost certainly lead to new types of interface design, new highly personalised types of user experiences.

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