Every brand has a story. Here’s how I tell the Brangento story

If you’re a brand owner or marketing professional who wants to grow your brand and grow your business, you’ll understand the value of telling the story of your brand. To help you think about your own brand, here’s how I tell people the Brangento story. Then I give you examples of how I bring the story to life, using video, words and images that make the brand more compelling and engaging for my target audiences. Judge for yourself how well you think it works.

The Brangento Story

“I had a dream that if I gave people the tools they would see for themselves that investing in their brand is one of the best and easiest ways to grow their business. So I created Brandlogik a design agency that ranks number one on Google in Ireland.

But with Brandlogik I could only do so much, so I created Brangento an application that means that everyone can build a great brand.It took a lot of experience to create Brangento but only 20 days to write the code. I designed every pixel of the interface myself, because Brangento is designed from the outset to be used by everyone who has a business in almost any sector.

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Total brand experience means everyone can build a great brand

Everything you say. Every tweet you post or link you share. Everything you do is part of your total brand experience.

That’s why everything that surrounds your business is important, and it’s why we’ve built Brangento to help you manage the process.

Your latest tweet isn’t just a part of your social media, just another extension of your branding. In very real and measurable ways your latest tweet is your brand and your product itself, no matter what you sell, or what service sector you work in.

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Brangento – where does your brand rank?

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to build your brand? Do you want to feel relevant? Do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be loved? If your answer to these questions is yes, then say yes to Brangento.

Brangento is a new application that helps users take control of their brand and use their brand to grow their business.

“The biggest headache for any business is finding new customers and selling more products and services. Having a stronger and more powerful brand can help with that a lot. That’s why we created Brangento, a tool to help businesses uncover the strengths and weaknesses in their brand, and use their brand more effectively to grow their business,” says founder Eugene Burns.

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You’re not really a brand owner until you own your brand data too

I was having lunch with an assistant professor of machine learning recently, when he asked me why, as a brand and design specialist, I was so interested in data?

My reply was quite simple. If you want to take ownership of your brand and control how it develops and grows, then you must understand and own your data too. And I didn’t have to look too far for an example.

I’d invited my friend to have lunch to discuss some of the more advanced aspects of data science, so I booked a table at a restaurant he suggested, followed up the booking with a confirmation the day before our lunch, and then as the host I would pay for the meal with my credit card and walk off into the afternoon skyline.

Right away you can see there were three times where the restaurant, let’s call the restaurant the ‘brand owner,’ had an opportunity to talk to and engage with me personally using simple digital tools including email.

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Brangento launches the Brangento Report on branding

Most startups and companies use their brand at about twenty percent of full power. Don’t take my word for it, look around you and look at your own business. Have you considered absolutely everything you do is an important part of your brand and product experience?

That tweet you posted doesn’t simply represent your business and your brand – it’s part of your brand experience so it’s an essential part of your brand.

‘Social media in service of a product experience is not just media – it’s the experience of the product itself,’ says Forrester analyst James McQuivey in his book Digital Disruption, Unleashing The Next Wave Of Innovation. That’s quite a statement if you think about it.

It means that your website, your social media, everything you do, is part of the product and the service you offer. They’re not some optional extras, but an essential part of your brand and product experience.

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