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Brand visualization – a smarter way to grow your business

Brand visualization is a form of data visualization based on simple visual and verbal evaluation of your brand. Seeing how your brand performs can help you manage your brand more effectively and help you grow your business faster.

That’s the thinking behind Brangento a new startup that lets you take control of your brand by using it to grow your business faster and more effectively. It uses brand visualization to help you see your brand all in one place and connect and manage all your social media channels.

Where does your brand rank in your country and your sector? Brangento gives you the insights you need. It ranks your brand to help you see areas of strength and weakness and make better marketing and branding decisions.

“The biggest headache for any business is finding new customers and selling more products and services. Having a stronger and more powerful brand can help with that a lot. That’s why we created this application to help businesses uncover the strengths and weaknesses in their brand, and use their brand more effectively to grow their business,” says founder Eugene Burns.

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Eugene is an Irish creative director and brand specialist and spent several years in London working in international agencies for major brands like Visa, Zurich and BT, before founding Brangento. He designed every aspect of the interface and user experience, working with London and Zagreb-based technology company Interactive1 on the development.

A key member of the Brangento team is Shanghai-born business specialist Catherine Yu Gu as they plan to launch in the Chinese market later in the year.

“There aren’t many brand visualization tools like this around, and we want to give the power of branding to every business. Even those with little technical skills can use Brangento to build their brand and grow their business, and that’s why we think this has the potential to become a uniquely powerful tool. Now everyone can build a great brand.”

Brangento is free and you can sign up and find out more at



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